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Drug Testing Methods

Saliva (Oral Fluid Test) Drugs of Abuse

Saturate sponge pad with as much saliva as possible. Open plastic dropper and press the sponge to extract saliva from the sponge into the dropper. Unscrew the top cap on the dropper and squeeze 3 drops of saliva into each of the specimen wells of the test.

Note : Nil per mouth for 15 minutes before testing and read results at 10 minutes

Saliva Alcohol Testing

Saturate the pad at the end of the strip with saliva (from mouth or cup) Ensure complete saturation of the pad. After complete saturation of the pad, remove the strip from the mouth and read results at the end of two minutes. Compare the reactive pad to the colour blocks on the back of the packaging.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Securely hold the middle of the device, firmly squeeze the device to break the inner glass tube. Blow hard into the device in the direction of the arrows for at least 12 seconds. Shake the device slightly to distribute the crystals evenly in the test window. Compare colour of the crystals to the colour on the detector label.

Urine Testing

Obtain a urine sample from the person being tested (use a clean disposable cup) Remove testing device from the foil pouch, remove protective cap and place test strips into the urine sample for 15 seconds and replace the protective cap. Place test on a clean, flat surface and allow 5 minutes before reading results. Do not allow urine sample to touch the plastic device (be careful at the back). And in order to ensure accuracy, please read results at 5 minutes. Please make 100 % sure that the urine sample is obtained from the person being tested, direct supervision is advised!


A reddish line will be visible in each test zone indicating a negative result

NO LINE present in the test zone indicates a positive result

Amphetamines can trigger false positives due to high amounts of caffeine and cold medications in the system.

Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine (in cold and sinus medication) can result in a false positive (METHAMP / AMP)

Codeine in sinus meds & pain killers will convert to Morphine. Thus resulting in a false positive for Heroin.

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